JP is sensationally good.
Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman, Ogilvy)
Any firm would be lucky to have him in their corner.
Kaveri Khullar (SvP, Mastercard AsiaPac)
Ability second to none.
Gary Forss (Global Insights Manager, Essity)
He will ask the best questions of your business.
Keerti Nair (Head of Marketing Effectiveness, Kellogg)
I’m yet to find any flaws to JP.
Giles Edwards (Marketing Director, GASP)
Insight you won’t find anywhere else.
Doug Garnett (President, Protonik)
JP will leave no stone unturned.
Simon Swan (Head of Digital & E-Commerce, UK & Ireland, Perrigo)
A brilliant practitioner.
Andrew Tenzer (Director of Market Insight and Brand Strategy, Reach Plc)
JP is a rare strategic mind.
Murray Calder (former Chief Strategy Officer, Mediacom)
A strategy expert.
Bruce McTague (former Senior Vice President, JWT)


What I do (and do well)


Analysis | Formulation | Audit | Training

A big consultancy offering with significantly smaller overheads.

I help organizations understand the direction to take, to move away from that which does not work towards that which does. No two projects are ever entirely the same, but the results seldom differ: created, captured and sustained value.

Over my career, I have helped clients make billions of dollars of it.


Keynotes | Lectures | Presentations | Moderation
When it comes to keynotes, you get what you pay for.

Public speaking, whether for an event or an organization, can be both an asset and a liability. The right speaker can hold attention for long after their speech. The wrong speaker will lose it in an instant.

I have spoken at some the world’s largest corporations and most prestigious conferences, from Cannes to Reykjavik, London to Dublin, Mumbai to Dubai, Geneva to Prague and Stockholm to Athens. And I would be more than happy to add your city to the list and demonstrate why I am the speaker for it.


Books | Columns | Articles | Newsletter
Better by the letter.

Christopher Hitchens once said that the best writers are those who not merely want to write, but feel that they have no option but to write. Such has been my case since I finished my first professional article at the age of 14.

Whether it has accrued into a capability worthy of note is up to the reader to decide, of course. But so far, I have been published in some of the top outlets in business and marketing, become a recurring columnist for MarketingWeek, created a top-rated newsletter with thousands of weekly readers, published white papers, an e-book, and have printed ones on the way. And stopping is not an option.

Adaptive Strategy

Theory | Practice | Praxis
Revelations at a strategic frontier.

Conventional strategic management discourse, much like neoclassical economic theory, can trace many of its roots back to Newtonian physics and assumptions of predictable causality. We now know that organizations are not well-behaved and machinelike, but complex adaptive systems much closer to ecosystems.

The implications are profound.

Sample writings

Insights and perspectives

The Final Mile

The Final Mile

Marketing Strategy: Planned or Agile?

Marketing Strategy: Planned or Agile?

Target Similarities, Not Differences

Target Similarities, Not Differences

A Generic Critique of Michael Porter

A Generic Critique of Michael Porter

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