In today’s digital age, where we are all constantly bombarded with information and time has gone from a commodity to a luxury, having someone’s undivided attention is a privilege. It is the professional speaker’s duty to take it seriously.

Over the decades that I have performed keynotes and presentations, I have experienced the difference between those that do and those that do not. I have seen renowned experts crumble under pressure and witnessed unknown amateurs rise to the occasion.

Although natural talent undoubtedly plays a part, my experience tells me unequivocally that the key lies in preparation and perpetual improvement. So I ensure I do both. A lot.

Yes, I take my craft as seriously as I do the privilege to perform. My speaking goes beyond the material; from studying rhetoric to mastering stage management and analyzing audience behavior, I do my very utmost to ensure that I can be my best self on the day when it matters most to you.

For obvious reasons, such preparation takes time and my time comes with a price tag.

In other words, unless you represent a charity, school, or university, I will not speak for free and – to be blunt – there is no point in asking me to.

My speaking fee for 2024/2025 starts at €10,000 + VAT (where applicable). If travel and/or overnight stay is required, I expect it to be covered as well.

For your money, you get a sure thing: a world-class professional speaker with extensive international big stage and global top echelon corporation experience.

And, yes, there are less expensive speakers. There are also thinner steaks, slower cars, and significantly larger risks.

For booking inquiries, please contact me via this link or choose a meeting slot that suits you here – and ensure that your event gets the talk it deserves.