Consultants love to claim universality; that there is One Way to Rule Them All. It sounds lovely in theory and helps them sell their services, albeit typically in the form of a senior pitch and a junior execution. They are the merchants of certainty.
The truth, as you already know, is that there are no shortcuts or guaranteed step-by-step pathways to profit. While one certainly can learn from others and observe patterns that emerge, every company is unique.

Indeed, one has to do the work, and that includes me. I make no bones about it: I cannot possibly know your company or industry as well as you do. I may know a few things about it if I have previously worked in an adjacent field, but you live and breathe it daily. I do not.

But I do know strategy and I know it better than most. If you provide me with what I need to understand your business, I will provide you with what you need to make it thrive. While running through fire covered in gasoline if needs be to get the job done.

The Process

How I work will ultimately depend on the task at hand, but for most strategic undertakings I follow what I call the SRC approach; Sense-making – Response – Capitalization.

The extent of the sense-making, an advanced approach to diagnosis, will vary but invariably provide value; there is nothing as cost saving as getting something correct the first time.

From there, we identify the proper response, and capitalize on any opportunities that we unearth in order to maximize financial value.

The work may take the form of provided analysis, strategic formulation, executive presentations, workshops, or training, based on what I find relevant and you deem desirable. But you know that, because we have both been here before.

The Boring but Necessary Stuff

My base fee is €500 + VAT (where applicable) per started hour, but I am open to whole-project price negotiations. I also reserve the right to say no.

I am more than happy to temporarily fill executive/senior management positions or take on full-time projects. Do note that I will always prioritize all clients equally – but you may, of course, buy all of my time.

For business enquiries or further information, please send me an email by clicking this link or choose a meeting time slot here.

I am looking forward to helping your firm realize its potential.