Hello, my name is JP Castlin. Let’s move on, shall we?

Oh, I know. The common expectation is that this should turn into yet another one of those pages on which people speak too highly of themselves in tired clichés. But, if we are to be honest with one another, chances are that you might have an idea of who I am, given that you are here.

If you do not, well, the short version is that my background is a long story.

My career began as a corporate finance lawyer what now feels like an eternity ago. As time went on, I inched closer and closer towards governance and ultimately strategy, where I am at present feebly attempting to etch my name into the business books of history. Along the way, I co-founded an international consultancy and did work in all sorts of areas; programmatic supply chain analyses, rebranding projects, domestic marketing strategies, global marketing strategies, DBA analyses, CEP analyses, strategy audits, NPD, management consulting, investment optimizations, copywriting, value alignment, media planning, leadership and key decision-making unit support and, believe it or not, more.
Late 2020, I decided to leave the consultancy and become a full-time independent consultant. And here we are.

Today, the lion’s share of my work revolves around big brand challenges such as global business and marketing strategy, corporate coherence, regional steering and applied complexity science. But I am happy to offer help to the best of my abilities to anyone who needs it.

Over the years, I have been called an internationally recognized authority on strategy, a member of the Mount Rushmore of strategic management thinking, an industry iconoclast and probably many other things significantly less hyperbolic and flattering. I also at one point managed to get on one of those 40 over 40 lists – at the age of 38.

Beyond my writing, public speaking and guesting various podcasts, I have appeared as a so-called industry expert on Channel 4 News and the BBC, in addition to in The Guardian, The Times and similar commonly labelled prestige newspapers.

So yes, basically, I am a nerd.