Hi. I'm JP Castlin. Let's move on, shall we?

The expectation, of course, is that this should turn into yet another one of those pages on which people speak too highly of themselves in tired clichés. But, if we are to be honest with one another, chances are that you might know who I am, given that you are here. If you do not, the short version is that I work with, write about, speak on and teach naturalized strategy-making.* Mainly for large organizations, but also scale-ups and challengers looking to accelerate growth. More than anything, however, I help people improve their odds of success and I much prefer that to blathering on about myself.

So, let us do away with the pointless posturing and cut to the chase.

How can I help you?


*My career, should you nonetheless want the long-winded version, began as a corporate finance lawyer what now feels like an eternity ago. As time went on, I inched closer and closer towards governance and ultimately strategy, where I am at present feebly attempting to etch my name into the business books of history. Late 2020, I decided to leave the consultancy which I had co-founded six years previously and become a full-time independent consultant.

I have been called an internationally recognized authority on strategy, an industry iconoclast and probably other things not as flattering. My written work can currently be seen in columns for MarketingWeek, with previous contributions to the IPA’s EffectivenessWorks and The Drum on the proverbial list of things done. I have also appeared as a business analyst on Channel 4 News and the BBC, in addition to in The Guardian, The Times and similar commonly labelled prestige newspapers.

On top of that, I am the author of Strategy in Polemy (popularly known as The Castlin Manifesto, 2021) and an upcoming book on modern strategic management (Q2, 2022), the curator of the Strategy in Praxis newsletter, a half-decently successful global keynote speaker and, lastly, mentor to a few individuals who have yet to realize that they are much smarter than I.

The lion’s share of my consultancy work revolves around big brand challenges such as global business and marketing strategy, corporate coherence, regional steering and applied complexity science. However, I also have experience working on the other side of the size scale, having taken client startups all the way from inception to successful exit.

My next project can be with you, or it can be with one of your competitors. The choice is yours.

Below are some overly kind comments from people about me.

JP is sensationally good.

Rory Sutherland
Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

JP Castlin has strategic experience and brilliant insight you won’t find anywhere else. He cuts through the clutter of hype and hyperbole with refreshing honesty, directness, and clarity to deliver the unique truths for your situation leading to market success.

Doug Garnett
President, Protonik

JP is a brilliant practical strategic mind that is certain to solve your business problems and take your brand to where you want it to be.

Andrew Tenzer
Director of Market Insight and Brand Strategy, Reach Plc (formerly Trinity Mirror Group)

Not only does JP make so much sense in a world that makes so little sense, he does it with empathy and humor, and always leaves you feeling wiser than before.

I cannot think of more enriching experiences for the curious mind than speaking to JP. Any brand, organization or human would be lucky to have him in their corner.

Kaveri Khullar
Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Mastercard Asia

I’m yet to find any flaws to JP, one of the brightest in the business. Blessed with the ability to not only understand a myriad of complexities but, crucially, make them understood to others. Highly effective, smart and generous; an all too rare breed.

Giles Edwards
Marketing Director, GASP

I don’t use the term expert lightly. JP is a strategy expert.

Bruce McTague
Former Senior Vice President, JWT

JP is undoubtedly one of the most incisive thinkers in business and marketing strategy I have ever encountered. His ability to cut through problems – that are, quite characteristically of strategy, highly complex – and zero in on critical matters, is second to none.

Gary Forss
Global Marketing Manager, SKF

JP is one of those rare people who not only deeply understands strategy but is also able to explain it in simple terms, leading to advice which is at once both rigorous and practical.

Murray Calder
Former Chief Strategy Officer, Mediacom

JP is a trusted voice in the world of strategy, and that’s good to know. He will leave no stone unturned on the opportunities and considerations your organization needs to take when seeking clarity and guidance to a what to do next.

Simon Swan
Head of Digital & E-Commerce, UK & Ireland, Perrigo